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Admin tool commands

ShUIE.Admin.exe -o <operation> <parameters>
ShUIE.Admin.exe -help <operation>

Operations and parameters:
activates an existing entry
activateentry -url <value> -entryuid <value>

adds or updates an entry in SharePoint's property bag from a xml file
addentry -url <value> -filename <value>

deactivates an existing entry
deactivateentry -url <value> -entryuid <value>

deletes an existing entry from SharePoint's property bag
deleteentry -url <value> -entryuid <value>

downloads the xml of an entry to a file
downloadentry -url <value> -entryuid <value> -filename <value>

displays all registered entries
enumentries -url <value>

updates the order of an existing entry
setorder -url <value> -entryuid <value> -order <value>

creates a xml template
templatexml -filename <value>

ShUIE.Admin.exe -o activateentry -url http://p3uk64p12/pwa -entryuid "4e3cb3fc-36a5-40c3-b3f9-bd82ca9e6c4"
ShUIE.Admin.exe -o addentry -url http://p3uk64p12/pwa -filename "c:\test.xml"
ShUIE.Admin.exe -o templatexml -filename "c:\test.xml"

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