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ShUIE is comprised of a WebControl, and some database tables. The database tables store the scripts to inject, and knowledge of the context that has to be met for the injection to take place. So to install ShUIE you need to create the database tables, tell SharePoint where the database tables are, and then deploy and activate the WebControl.

Compile the solution

If you are installing from source code:

Open the solution in Visual Studio 2008, and Build All.

This will compile the solution, and within the post-build stage it will create the solution package and move it into the Package directory.

Copy the package to the SharePoint server

Copy the Package directory to the server.

This includes the solution package and a number of batch scripts to manage the deployment.

Install the Solution

Run setup.exe to install and deploy the solution to the SharePoint farm.

Activate the ShUIE feature

Within the "Site Collection Features" of the SharePoint site that you wish to enable ShUIE on, activate the "Pcubed ShUIE Ajax Injector" feature.

What next

You have now deployed and activated ShUIE, but at this point it's pretty useless. If you view the source HTML of a page on the site you activated the ShUIE on you can validate that the install was successful as jQuery is now included in the header, and some additional JavaScript is in the page:

Before Installation:

After Installation:

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