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Json Shared Settings

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Sometimes customisations require knowledge beyond the boundaries of the page that they are on, it may be that they need to know where an AJAX web service is located, or some business information such as the start of the year for an organisation, it's unwise to put this kind of shared setting into the customisation itself as it is like burying it, never to be found again (even when the value has expired).

ShUIE works around this problem by offering an additional database table in which to store shared settings. Not only does it store share settings, but it also enables (forces) these to be associated to a script so that the scripts that use them can be audited, and we only output the settings that the scripts on a page will need.

The settings object

Any settings that are defined in the JSON element , will be rendered as a property of this Json object that is rendered on every page that ShUIE runs on:
  <json minify="true">
      <![CDATA[var testVar = {textValue: "Hello"}]]>

For further help on JSON objects follow this link

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